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What is it with some guys, that they get so hot and bothered watching two girls kissing? Of course the women know how hot it is to kiss another woman, maybe that is the problem, the guys have no clue what it is like for women! Those soft warm lips touching, slow kissing and then that warm moist tongue slipping slowly between those lips. Ya, I guess I can see why guys might find that hot! In these you will see Alektra & Emilianna love licking pussy and fingering each other , you will see a lot of kissing and so much more! Nipple licking and sucking, pussy play, oh we can’t tell you everything, so go look for yourself, and see just how HOT they make you!

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2. We Live Together

We are girls that love to eat pussy and We Live Together! Every week we go out on the streets, bars, parties, malls... wherever and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over and party at our apartment. From our girl friends at college, to roommates, and friends of friends.. we're always looking for the hottest lesbian girls around! We Live Together has hundreds of lesbian videos for you to download right from Reality Kings... it's the sexiest lesbian porn anywhere guys and gals! Come watch us eat pussy and work our dildo magic on gorgeous, sexy girls. We love to get together and get off in steamy hot threesome and foursome lesbian movies! We promise you're going to love our amazing collection of lesbian porn. Thanks for dropping in to the We Live Together Apartment, hope you enjoy your visit! Love xoxo Brittney, Taylor, Nicole & All the Girls

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3. Sapphic Erotica

What I like to see are pretty girls kissing and actually having sex with each other. I like to see them fingering and licking each other pussies more than using toys. But I think toys are also ok, if that’s not all they do. I also like seeing girls using strapons. I especially like to see girls kissing, mouth-on-mouth, as lovers do. I really like to see lesbian anilingus and ass-fingering.There are 370 Hours of Downloadable Lesbian Videos and more than 359 HOURS ARE EXCLUSIVE! The movies are typically 15-30 minutes long and 640x480 resolution or higher. Since June 1, 2008, all the new videos are 1280x720 HD resolution. Since January 1, 2007, all videos added here have been 960x540 resolution or higher. Before that, going back two years, about half the videos were 960x540 and the others 640x480. Most videos older than that are 640x480, but 33 of the 1013 videos here are smaller than 640x480. I am re-doing these at 640x480 if I can and as time permits. The available formats are high bit rate downloadable WMV9, mpeg-1, iPod, iPhone, and PSP, and also flash streaming (two sizes).

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Lesbians always seem like they are constantly horny - so it's no wonder that so many of them like to have sex with each other on webcam. These sexy lipstick lesbos love fingering each other, kissing, fucking each other with dildos and strap-ons. They will do absolutely anything you say.. they are such dirty girls... Love it. Best of All Its Free

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5. Lesbo Trick

Gorgeous female fuck-sluts aren't always aware of their bisexual tendencies. Sometimes they need some help to discover their lesbian side. Lesbo Trick is a reality-porn web site that helps cute women in accepting that they have an inner hunger to lick their lover's taco or snuggle up with a smokin hot girlfriend for a long night of wet kisses and a warm hug. Once you have seen some of the scenes you'll agree, when it comes to lesbian sex, it's not about how these gorgeous skanks ended up in bed together, it's about what happens after they find each other for the first time!

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6. Lesbian Sex City

City chicks are a lot more aggressive than suburban house wives. Living in the city makes them more focused on what they want and how they can get it. Dikes living in a major metropolitan area are quick to find each other, make fast friends of one another and are often discovered boning their neighbors in well-known lesbian apartment buildings within only a few days of first moving into them. As the old saying goes, if you are a lesbian living in Lesbian Sex City and you can't get laid, chances are you really just don't like pussy as much as you thought you did!

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7. Real Teens Kissing

Somewhere between the softcore bikini babe websites full of beer commercial models and the hardcore eyes-on-her-thighs hardcore extreme sites there is plenty of room for a website like Real Teens Kissing. It's the perfect mix of sweet innocent starlets and romantic warm wet kisses that will have you titillated from the first time they start to caress each other to the moment they finally make a move toward second base!

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Lickin On Lesbos

8. Pussy Lickin Lesbos

Lesbians always seem like they are constantly turned on - so it's no wonder that plenty of them turn to porn so that they can get off properly. This collection of Pussy Lickin Lesbos has both pornstar and amateur lesbians to enjoy, and contrary to the site name they also go for fingering, sex toys, and even a bit of strap on fucking to keep themselves properly satisfied.

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9. Asian Girl Girl

Like pearl divers of the Far East, these Asian Girl Girl lesbians love to dive deep between their lover's thighs in search of hidden treasures. Licking and fingering their Oriental girlfriends makes them giggle with glee as they work toward creating the kind of slippery lube covered friction that will bring out the biggest wettest orgasm from the pink slit of their adorable female concubines. Geisha gash is on display in every Eastern HD dyke video and once you download the first few you'll be making more room on your hard drive to build the ultimate Asian Girl Girl collection!

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10. Latina Girl Girl

Wild open-minded bisexual Latinas know how to keep each other company when there are no men around. Latina Girl Girl gives you private access to some of the hottest parties with spicy chicas from Spain, Puerto Rican Boricuas, Dominicanas, and suntanned amateur starlets from all over South America teaching each other about the international language of lesbian love! When their tongues get tangled and their soaking wet panochas are creaming with orgasmic juices you'll know you're on the best Latina lesbian sex site. Go ahead and download all the xxx videos, they're filmed in HD for your exclusive enjoyment!

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